We collaborated with the PlantWave team to elevate their brand through experiences and performance creative. Our work included the creative direction, project management and production for brand experiences at SXSW, Aspen Ideas Festival and the Boston Seaport.

Highlights include SXSW's first ever Plant Music Lounge and Plant Music Concert, a Plant Music workshop at Boston's newest hub for tech and innovation, as well as a seven-day art installation at Aspen Ideas Festival. Our intention to curate experiences that bring the magic of mystery of plant music to life was received by a wide audience of thought leaders, decision makers and artists. 

PlantWave is a device that turns a plant's biorhythms into music. It uses patented sonification technology to produce a continuous stream of pleasing music that gives you a sonic window into the secret life of plants. 


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Plant music lounge

Considered to be the most relaxing space at the conference, the Plant Music Lounge offered an oasis for people to tune into nature. Ambient soundscapes controlled by bio-data of live plant activity filled the room with peaceful, meditative sound. 

Open all day for seven days, the lounge was host to several Plant Music Performances, where artists and plants play in harmony together.  Our team was responsible for experience design, project management and production.

Plant Music Breathwork With Joe Patitucci

Plant Music Harp Performance With Andrea Cortez

Plant Music Modular Synth Performance With Lightbath

Plant Music Breathwork & Sound Bath With Dorothea Barth-Jorgensen

Live Lounge Performances

Plant music showcase

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Laraaji & Joe Patitucci with Plants

Christopher Willits


Production and set design for SXSW's first ever Plant Music Concert at Central Presbyterian Church in Austin, TX, which Rolling Stone described as "soothing".

Conscious Conversations is a haven within the expo floor’s flurry of activity. Featuring a wide variety of health and wellness activities, workshops, and discussions led by industry experts, PlantWave is hosting four panel discussions on art, wellness and tech. Our team supported in the curation, management and production of this incredible series of conversations. 

Conscious conversations panels

Hardware is Hard; startup stories from makers

What is Plant Music? When Artists & Nature Play

Plant Consciousness and earth-based storytelling

Sonification and the Future of Generative Music

An informative conversation between founders on their experience launching hardware products.

A discussion on the emerging genre of plant music with PlantWave. Here we'll learn about the technology, history and use cases of the art form.

 A discussion between artists, scientists and indigenous leaders whose work prioritizes collaboration with nature.

 A discussion between artists, scientists and indigenous leaders whose work prioritizes collaboration with nature.

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